Why is it important for patients to care for their smiles?

A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A beautiful, healthy mouth leads to improved self-confidence, giving you the courage to start a conversation, smile more and be more outgoing.

“My practice is a direct reflection of my commitment to health and beauty of every patient’s smile. I strive to deliver perfection in every smile and pleasure in every visit.

I have been an artist since childhood, with an inherent, critical eye for beauty. Every procedure I offer, from a simple filling or crown to veneers is done to appear natural and undetectable.”

My favourite and rewarding part of my work is the artistry involved in creating smiles and the feeling I get when a patient is excited about the changes I’ve made for them.”

With the changes in today’s economy many patients are requesting to complete comprehensive cosmetic rehabilitations in stages over a period of time. There is no problem with doing this. Staging the treatment makes the patient’s goal more affordable and achievable.