Professional Teeth Cleaning – why a toothbrush can’t achieve a dentist clean

Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist is an important part of maintaining your oral health. Dental treatment isn’t just about fillings and crowns. You can go to the dentist just to get your teeth professionally cleaned, which helps to prevent tooth decay. Many people might ask why you’d need to get the dentist to conduct a procedure as simple as cleaning your teeth. The fact is that a toothbrush simply can’t do what a dentist or dental hygienist can.

Professional cleaning removes the build-up of calcified plaque

Professional cleaning removes the build-up of calcified plaque—called tartar or calculus—that builds up over time and becomes impossible to remove with a toothbrush at home. This material needs to be chipped away from the tooth during the cleaning process. This procedure usually takes around 45 minutes and leaves your teeth smooth and sparkling. It may also help to prevent other dental treatments down the track.

Usually, when a patient books an appointment to see a dentist, it’s because they have symptoms of gum disease or a history of gum disease. They need their teeth to be thoroughly cleaned to make sure there is no gum recession. These patients have regular professional cleans about once every three months. Measurements are taken of the teeth to ensure that the teeth and gums are not becoming more diseased and so that their condition can be maintained over time.

However, there is usually a lot of build-up of calculus, or plaque, which has become hard even with a person who has no history of gum disease.  This solid material can have the consistency of concrete and is just as difficult to shift. It is really hard to clean off with a toothbrush, so it’s not the sort of cleaning you can do without the professional instrument a dentist uses to clean teeth.

Professional equipment for teeth cleaning

The dental instrument for teeth cleaning is a special tooth cleaning scaler, which distributes water over the teeth and vibrates as it passes over the teeth—it washes the teeth as it scales. The walls of the barriers around the gum are broken where the teeth meet the gum tissue. That’s where all the tartar accumulates.

Every single tooth is carefully treated with the scaler.

After this is done, the cleaning process is almost complete. Each and every tooth is manually checked to ensure it is free of build-up and then flossing is done between the teeth before they are polished. Next, fluoride is painted onto the teeth to strengthen them.

The patient leaves the clinic feeling like they’ve had a spa treatment for their teeth—they’re absolutely clean, smooth and fresh.

For most patients, the whole process is usually finished in 45 minutes. Its 45 minutes worth spending to protect and maintain your precious teeth and smile.