Your child’s first dental visit

These photos at the Colonnade Dental Centre will show you and your children what to expect when they visit Dr Pastorino for their very first dental visit and their 6 month review appointments.

Poppy's first dental visit

This is Poppy at her very first dental visit.  Poppy wanted to sit on her mummy’s lap and listened to us talk about why she was visiting the dentist.  We gave her some gloves to try on and take home.  These were the smallest we could find!  We talked about why the dentist has to wear gloves while looking in her mouth and counting her teeth.

 Poppy - Open Wide  Poppy in dental chair

Poppy sat in the dental chair and put on the special sunglasses and the big blue bib just like her mummy had on a few minutes earlier.  She opened wide to let Dr Pastorino count her teeth.

Dr Pastorino’s nurse leans Pippa’s chair back and places some safety glasses over her eyes to protect her from the glare from the overhead light from the dental chair.  She also places a paper bib to keep her clothes clean.

Poppy sitting in the dental chair with proud Mum watching.

Poppy sitting in the dental chair with proud Mum watching.

This is Pippa at her very first dental visit.  She wanted to go for a ride on the dental chair.  She went up and then down and then even laid back in the chair like in a bed.

Pippa, Poppy's sister Pippa trying on sunglasses

Pippa only wanted to try the sunglasses like her sister Poppy but that was enough for the day.  We talked about her teeth and how special they were.  We talked about brushing them every day and how Dr Pastorino will help her look after them.

Poppy gets a lucky dip prize

At the end of Poppy’s first dental visit she gets to choose a “lucky dip” prize from the special box. Now she can go home and make sure she has everything she needs in her bath room to help her look after her teeth until the next time she sees Dr Pastorino for her 6 monthly review appointment.

After 6 months …..

Pippa and Poppy are now very familiar with visiting the dentist. They look forward to coming to have their teeth checked and talking to Dr Pastorino about how they have been looking after them.

Poppy and Pippa in denatl waiting room

This is Pippa and Poppy sitting in the waiting room reading some books on how to look after their teeth and going to the dentist.

Pippa's 6 month dental visit

Pippa knows exactly what to do. She hops into the chair and lets the nurse put on her special sun glasses and blue bib and is ready to open her mouth wide so Dr Pastorino can see how well she has been brushing and can check how many wobbly teeth she has had since last visit.

Dr Pastorino uses a tiny mirror to see inside Pippa’s mouth and a dental instrument called an Explorer to count and lightly touch her teeth.

Dental equipment

Can you spot the following in the picture above?

  • The dental mirror
  • The explorer
  • The tweezers
  • The cleaning instrument
  • The floss
  • The cleaning and polishing paste
  • The guaze swab

Used for X-Rays

This is a small piece of plastic and cardboard that is used when Dr Pastorino needs to take a picture of your tooth. It is called an X-ray film. You bite on the cardboard and Dr Pastorino takes a picture with a special camera. This will let Dr Pastorino see what is happening under your gums.

Flavoured dental paste Applying Dental Paste

This is the paste that Dr Pastorino uses to polish your teeth. It comes in many different colours and flavours.
The little blue cup has the red polishing paste and the object in Dr Pastorino’s other hand is called  a prophy cup polisher.

Dr Pastorino  puts a flavoured paste on it and polishes your teeth. It spins around very fast and tickles your teeth.

Examining Pippa's teeth Polishing Pippa's teeth

Dr Pastorino is wearing special magnifying glasses so she can see up close around all of Pippa’s teeth. The special glasses let her see if there are any soft areas where the germs (bacteria) are burrowing into the tooth.
Dr Pastorino is polishing Pippa’s teeth with the white rubber cup and bubblegum-flavoured polishing paste.

Spittoon Bowl  Poppy is rinsing her mouth

This is called the Spittoon Bowl where you can spit out any water or paste from your mouth. The plastic cup is being filled with a fresh, green mouth wash. Poppy is rinsing her mouth with the fresh green mouth wash and spitting it into the spittoon bowl.

The long white plastic tube with the blue stripe is called a saliva ejector and it sucks up any excess saliva or water from your mouth. The saliva ejector is also known as “Mr. Thirsty” or “the spit sucker”! It makes a bit of a noise when it is on – a little bit like mummy’s vacuum cleaner at home.

The long white plastic tube with the blue stripe is called a saliva ejector Extracting Saliva

Poppy keeps her mouth wide open while the saliva ejector sucks up the excess water from rinsing.
Water Spray for teeth
This is the spray that Dr Pastorino uses to wet your teeth and to dry them. It is like a mini water pistol! On this photo you can also see the white rubber cup that Dr Pastorino uses to polish your teeth.

 Pippa putting safety glasses on  Pippa is asking Dr Pastorino  what happens next

Dr Pastorino is waiting for Pippa to but her safety glasses back on.
Dr Pastorino is now going to check where Pippa has been missing with her tooth brush.
Pippa is asking Dr Pastorino what she is going to do next. She wants to know why she has to swish the blue liquid in her mouth.
Dr Pastorino explains that the blue liquid is a food dye that will stain all the germs (bacteria) that she has missed when she last brushed her teeth.

 Blue dye on teeth Thumbs up with Blue Dye Blue Dye smile

The blue dye will stain the old germs (bacteria) blue so we will be able to see where Poppy has been missing for a long time. If she didn’t brush too well last night it will.

 Dr Pastorino showing Poppy's teeth  Mum can see were girls need to brush teeth

Poppy will be able to see in the mirror where the germs are hiding away from her brush. Dr Pastorino will be able to show her how to brush so all the germs are cleaned away from all her teeth. Mum can also see where Poppy and Pippa are missing with their brushing. Dr Pastorino will give her some Blue Dye to take home so mum can check once a week to see if Poppy and Pippa have kept up with proper brushing.

 the foam trays that Dr Pastorino uses to carry a  fluoride Fluoride Gel - different sizes and shape The fluoride gel comes in different flavours

These are the foam trays that Dr Pastorino uses to carry a fluoride gel into your mouth. There are different sizes and colours depending on how big your mouth is! The fluoride gel comes in different flavours. Here Dr Pastorino’s nurse is placing a mint flavoured gel in Poppy’s tray.

Dr Pastorino places the  fluoride trays are into Poppy's mouth Fluoride Gel in Poppy's mouth

Dr Pastorino places the  fluoride trays are into Poppy’s mouth. Poppy keeps the fluoride gel and trays in her mouth for at least 60 seconds.

Saliva Ejector

A saliva ejector helps to suck up the excess fluoride foam. The Poppy must not eat or drink for 30 minutes after having a fluoride treatment.

Dr. Pastorino, talks with Pippa and Poppy

The dentist, Dr. Pastorino, talks with Pippa and Poppy about which foods are good for their teeth and the foods they need to watch out for because they are bad for their teeth. Some foods should only be eaten on very special occasions like birthday parties!

 Examining Pippa's teeth healthy teeth for Pippa Healthy teeth for Poppy

Pippa is very happy to find out that her teeth are very healthy. There are no cavities (holes) and she now knows why it is so important to keep her teeth squeaky clean!
The end result of Poppy’s and Pippa’s six-month check up is a sparkling white smile and no cavities!