Sedation Dentistry

“I have experienced many patients with a paralysing fear of the dentist. I have helped them overcome this fear with sleep dentistry.”

A large number of individuals are so nervous or fearful of going to the dentist, many of them don’t go at all. This can have serious effects on your oral health, as well as keep you from having better looking teeth. Dr Pastorino offers sedation (sleep) dentistry at her Subiaco practice, which can relieve you of your dental anxiety and make your procedure painless. With our sedation dentistry options, the time you spend with us can be comfortable, relaxing and even pleasant.

Should you consider sedation dentistry?

Conscious Sedation Dentistry is a way of putting you in a state of extreme relaxation without IV sedation. It’s designed to help patients who avoid the dentist, or have dental anxiety, for reasons including:

  • Fear of dentists/dental treatment
  • Fear or discomfort with noises and tastes associated with dental care
  • Fear of needles
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Trouble feeling numb after injections of local anaesthetic
  • Dental problems that may require longer treatment time in the dentist’s chair

These are just a few of the reasons why people may be so nervous about visiting the dentist that they don’t ultimately seek treatment. Conscious sedation aims to change that.

How does it work?

Conscious sedation dentistry involves taking a small pill about one hour before your appointment with Dr Pastorino. You will be feeling drowsy by the time you arrive at our surgery, so you will need someone to drive you. You will not be completely asleep during your treatment, and will be able to communicate with Dr Pastorino at all times. Conscious sedation only mimics sleep by putting you in an intensely relaxed state. After the procedure, you will likely not even remember the procedure taking place.

For those patients who would prefer to be asleep during the procedure, Intra-Venous Sedation is also available. A qualified IV anaesthetist will be in attendance to administer your sedation. During your treatment he will be monitoring your vital signs constantly and after the procedure you will be monitored until fully conscious again. You will require someone to drive you home after.