Four bad habits you need to break

1. Smoking

Effect: It should go without saying that smoking has a negative impact on both your physical and oral health. Among the effects it can have your smile are initiating and exacerbating decay and gum disease, yellowing teeth and bad breath.

2.Sugary Drinks

Effect: Whether soft drinks, energy drinks or juice, drinks high on sugar can wreak havoc on your smile. They rapidly erode teeth and can lead to darkening and thinning of the enamel. Replace sugary drinks with fluoridated water, which is beneficial to both teeth and gums.

3. Teeth Grinding

Effect: Teeth grinding can accelerate the natural erosion of tooth surface. Wearing a night guard is probably the number-one way to prevent tooth shortening due to grinding. If everyone wore a night guard prophylactically then there would be lot more attractive smiles out there!

4. Nail-Biting and Chewing

Effect: If your biting your nails or oftentimes chewing on pens or pencils, know that you are wearing down your enamel on your teeth, which can accelerate the look of worn teeth and discolouration. Until you break the habit, be mindful of what you chew on. If it isn’t food, it’s probably hurting your teeth.