What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

You will be welcomed into the consultation room to meet Dr Pastorino. We will encourage you to explain all your concerns before any procedure or treatment is commenced. We would like you to outline your overall dental health goals.

Dr Pastorino would like you to take this time to ask any questions you may have regarding your smile and any Dental health concerns. It is possible that perhaps you may not be sure of what procedure you want or need.

Dr Pastorino will take the time to explain the options that are unique to you.

During the consultation, a full mouth survey for hard and soft tissue lesions will be carried out. A full oral cancer screen will be done. The health or otherwise of the jaw joint will be established as well as overall general function of your occlusion (bite). X-rays of questionable areas will be taken and examined for signs of new caries, recurrent caries or other pathology. Light probing for dental caries and to measure.