Trauma and Emergencies

Dr Pastorino will see you immediately in the event of a sudden trauma. She is available all hours on any day of the week on her mobile number 0417 186 413.

Immediate treatment required to alleviate the pain will be administered. Often on-going pain may be a warning of more extensive underlying dental problems. Dental trauma will need extensive follow up treatment.

Another appointment will be made to follow up the emergency treatment and ensure all pain has subsided. A comprehensive examination will be carried out when pain and lesions have subsided and healed.

All treatment options for the best long term results will be discussed.



Trauma to Lip

This patient presented as a 9 year old female having slipped on a monkey bar, shattering her upper central incisors. Splinters of enamel were removed from her lacerated lip.

two central incisors were restored

The two central incisors were conservatively restored with direct bonded composite resin. The nerve (pulp) of both teeth are still being monitored closely for loss of vitality or pulpal changes.

Does Dr Pastorino do insurance cases? MVA or other accidents

Dr Pastorino is happy to assess any insurance and /or accident/trauma case that has third party involvement. She will carry out a thorough examination and diagnosis of the damage sustained. A treatment plan will be developed that takes into consideration all immediate issues but also future issues in relation to consequences long term due to the traumatic incident and damage sustained.

Careful attention is given to all possible future outcomes that can occur and anticipated ongoing expenses as a direct result of the trauma. A written report with an estimate of future treatment and costs is provided for legal use.

Does Dr Pastorino see patients on Saturday mornings or after hours?

If you experience any of the following on weekends or after hours please call the surgery to receive attentive emergency care:

  • Toothache
  • Gum infections
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Broken veneers or bridges
  • Tooth abscess
  • Loose teeth or crowns
  • Loose implant crowns
  • Broken dentures
  • Lost fillings
  • Or if you need an emergency tooth extraction/wisdom tooth extraction and gum infections

We believe that everything we do at the Colonnade Dental Centre is for your comfort, even last minute emergency procedures. Whether you are suffering from loose or knocked out teeth, pain in a tooth or gum, or suddenly crack or break a tooth, call the Colonnade Dental Centre immediately.

If your tooth has been knocked out...what do I do?

Call us immediately on 9380 4700 or if after hours on 0417 186 413 and Dr Pastorino will get to you as quickly as possible.

Some steps you can take before you make it to the surgery:

  • Try to avoid any contact with the root of the tooth
  • If you are able, attempt to put the clean tooth back into the socket from where it came to help maintain the vitality of the tooth
  • If you can’t manage the above for whatever reason, wrap the tooth in clean gauze/cloth that has been soaked either in saliva from your mouth or milk. You may transport the tooth in a cup of milk. Or simply put it back in your mouth (under your tongue).
  • Most importantly, try to keep the tooth from becoming dry.

Severe Toothache

You could be experiencing pain in your mouth for a variety of reasons, including a cracked tooth or an abscess. Contact the Colonnade Dental Centre to set up an appointment as soon as possible.

If your mouth is in any amount of pain, it is important that you visit the surgery as soon as possible.

We will use a variety of leading techniques to ensure your emergencies are resolved, your teeth are saved whenever possible, and that your pain is stopped.

Please call the Colonnade Dental Centre on (08) 9380 4700 to contact Dr Pastorino.