Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Pastorino’s cosmetic dentistry services

Smile design options

We can provide personal smile design using the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures. Taking into account your situation and the variety of factors affecting your teeth. Smile design includes assessing the degree of discolouration, misalignment, missing teeth, gaps, chips and other imperfections that may be preventing you from having the beautiful smile you desire. Dr Pastorino can recommend a full treatment program with options that will address your needs.

These include:

Every smile design program is custom-made for your needs and goals.

Dr Pastorino will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options, address your concerns and determine what the best treatments my be for your goals. With the help of Dr Pastorino you can be confident of achieving a whiter, brighter smile.

A beautiful, bright smile indicates confidence, success and friendship. Improve your personal and professional relationships; make a positive, powerful and memorable statement to those you meet – with a bright, beautiful, spontaneous smile!

advanced occlusal trauma

This patient is an adult male with advanced occlusal trauma caused by grinding and clenching combined with advanced dentine erosion.

uneven wear of his dentition

The tooth loss has resulted in uneven wear of his dentition with a resultant aging, unattractive and self conscious smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry - porcelain crowns

The smile has been restored with full porcelain crowns with a brighter appearance. This patient is now wearing an occlusal splint every night when he sleeps to protect his new crowns from his grinding habit.

confident smile

The new, more esthetic appearance of this patients teeth has resulted in a bigger more confident smile!

Does Dr Pastorino do tooth coloured fillings?

Gone are the days of the old amalgam, metallic fillings. Tooth coloured fillings are now the preferred method of filling cavities. Tooth coloured fillings are made of a strong composite resin or porcelain that looks more like your natural tooth.

These long lasting alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings not only look better, they are also less likely to come loose and cause a return trip to the dentist. Tooth coloured restorative material can be used to replace your original metal fillings.

The range of tooth coloured restorations include:

  • Bonded composite resin restorations, direct and indirect.
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain Inlays

Does Dr Pastorino do Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are one of the most effective and aesthetically gratifying remedies for teeth that are chipped, stained or even misaligned. Veneers are the most common procedure performed as an option for patients who are looking for a non-invasive solution to creating a beautiful smile.

Dr Pastorino can correct a range of dental issues with this popular treatment and achieve a natural-looking solution to common problems that affect the appearance and function of your teeth.

Visit our porcelain veneers page to find out more.

Does Dr Pastorino do Implants?

“No one should have to die with their teeth in a glass of water beside their bed” – Professor Ingvar Branemark

There is a well-proven, scientifically validated, bone anchored alternative to the countless social, emotional and even nutritional disappointments that removable denture wearers have had to face since losing their teeth.

The loss of teeth may prove painful in a number of different ways, as one is deprived of appearance, function and self-esteem.

Conventional dentures (even with an adhesive) generally restore only 10% of chewing function, while a bone anchored prosthesis restores 60-80%. Denture use may actually accelerate the shrinkage of jaw bone, while load bearing implants prevent resorption.

A fixed solution using implant dentistry will feel like your own teeth. Oral hygiene will require a few new skills and take some practice but you will find the final result of treatment gratifying.

The following are the different options available for varying situations:

  • Replacement of the single or multiple individual teeth with implant retained crowns.
  • The “All-on-4 Treatment option
  • Implant retained over dentures
  • Removable Implant-retained over dentures
  • Nobel-Procera Implant Bridges

How does the treatment process work?

Dr Pastorino works closely with her Oral Surgeon and Periodontist colleagues to provide the best treatment plan possible for each individual situation.

A CAT scan, OPG x-ray, photographs and study models are required of the treatment area. Dr Pastorino and the Oral Surgeon will meet and discuss the treatment plan. Once confirmed as necessary, you will have a consult with the Oral Surgeon to discuss the surgery and determine when it will take place.

Dr Pastorino will take the necessary moulds and registrations for construction of templates and surgical guides required for the surgery. Other preparatory work may be required for gaining the optimal soft tissue and boney contour results around the future implant site. This may require some prep work by the Periodontist and/or bone grafting by the Oral Surgeon.

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