Custom Fitted Mouthguards – Why Every Sports Player Should Have One

Why a mouthguard? There was a time in sports history when people grappled and tackled one another in collision sports such as Australian rugby, American football, boxing and other contact sports without any protection to the head, neck, knee or mouth.

Today safety matters

Fortunately, sanity has prevailed and today many sports players enter their sporting arenas wearing protective padding and hard helmets. The mouthguard, however, is possibly one of the last safety devices to be made mandatory on the playing field.

This may be due to the fact that sports mouth guards have had a chequered history. The early versions of the mouth guards we see today were almost as much a danger as the blows players received to their teeth. Early mouthguards were hard objects that attempted to protect the mouth. Unfortunately, the unbending nature of the material used had a detrimental effect on the player’s mouth, oral cavity and teeth.

Today, sports players have safe protection available to them. Custom fitted mouth guards are provided by dentists that protect the entire dental structure, oral cavity and lips of the player. They are comfortable and scientifically designed to protect players from the types of injuries that can have permanent, negative effects.

Superior safety with custom fitted sports mouth guards

The safety provided by custom fitted guards precisely made for a player’s unique mouth is superior to any off-the-shelf sports mouth guard. Store bought devices made of rubber composite are chewy, bulky and can rapidly disintegrate in the mouth. None of those traits of shelf bought dental guards are present in the guaranteed, scientifically produced and custom fitted mouth guards provided by dentists.

Unfortunately, the use of cheaply made store bought mouth guards is still permitted on the sporting field but the recommendation is in favour of custom fitted mouth guards. This makes sense when the cost of one knocked-out tooth over a life time can mean $20,000 in dental fees.

If you’re regularly involved in a contact sport and would like to know more about custom fitted sports mouth guards, please be in contact with our friendly reception staff to make an appointment.

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