Stay Young Strategies

Revitalising smiles is very rejuvenating and uplifting. When designing a smile, Dr Pastorino seeks to deliver results that are just as functional as they are beautiful.

“I look at form, function and aesthetics to create lasting beautiful smiles. Gender differences come into play and so does the patient’s age. We can take years off your appearance simply by lengthening the centre teeth.

Once a plan is formulated, I work together with my Ceramist to wax up a model that is then used to create temporary restorations, which enable patients to test drive their smiles before committing to them. “

From here Dr Pastorino will watch patients talk and communicate, adjusting their temporary smiles as needed to guarantee a high degree of personalisation. For patients who have lost vertical height in the lower third of their faces, she may recommend full-mouth rehabilitation. This helps to rebuild the frame supporting the smile, not only enhancing the smile, but rejuvenating the face and making a patient appear years younger.

A brief list of age related smile problems.

Worn Teeth

Worn teeth cause a lack of facial support. As we age, teeth begin to wear, which can negatively affect fullness in the face – enhancing already sagging facial features and causing an exaggerated age-related smile.

“With age, the chewing surfaces may shorten, which can make the face and facial profile appear collapsed, meaning it will appear older” – Dr Pastorino.

Veneers or Crowns can be the optimal choice for correcting worn and misshapen teeth. They have the ability to lengthen and whiten. The bite can be restored if the lower and upper jaws have become too close together, which makes the face fuller and more proportioned.

Stains and Discolouration

Stains and discolouration cause teeth to look older than they really are. Teeth are prone to stains and discolouration and, if they aren’t addressed, will continue to become more noticeable with age. The darker the stains, the older you may appear.

“As we age, teeth become yellower. Over time enamel and the underlying tooth structure (dentin) becomes more prominent. The enamel is whiter when we are younger. As we get older the dentin darkens and teeth can yellow or brown. When the enamel wears, the yellow or brown begins to really influence the shade of the teeth” – Dr Pastorino.

Whiter teeth can make everyone look younger, healthier and more vibrant. With a confident smile you look and feel better, while making a stronger impression on others. Light-based bleaching treatments are the best course of action for deep discolouration and yellowing. In most cases this can be performed in 30 to 60 minutes with great results. Another option is custom-made take-home whitening trays.

An ageing smile

An ageing smile often creates a gaunt, aged look, due to compromised facial support. This can cause the face to appear disproportionate, lending to a gaunt appearance that makes one look older.

 “Aesthetic dentistry is a practical way to create illusions to improve your appearance and to enhance a person’s smile and facial characteristics” – Dr Pastorino

By taking the entire face into consideration and shaping each individual tooth, either with bonding or applying veneers or crowns, Dr Pastorino is able to restore your face to its ideal proportions.

A gummy smile can give the illusion of shorter teeth, which makes you appear older than you are. A gum lift may be necessary to transform a gummy smile by removing gum tissue with a laser or by periodontal surgery. Depending on the length of the teeth these may then be restored with veneers or crowns.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth lead to a hollowing effect and lack of facial fullness. They tend to be more prevalent in older people and are a major contributor to an aged appearance. The effects of poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease manifest more with older people simply because they have been exposed to the disease process for a longer period of time. Spaces created by missing teeth can wreak havoc on your smile by allowing other teeth to shift out of alignment.

“It is advisable to replace any missing tooth with an implant as soon as possible to avoid having the other teeth shift and create spaces between the teeth” – Dr Pastorino

Implants involve surgically placing an anchor into the gum-line, deep enough so that it eventually fuses to the jawbone. Once it is fixed in place, an artificial tooth is attached to the anchor. Implants can restore confidence to your smile while also helping to fill out facial fullness for a more rejuvenated look overall.

Case Study:

advanced occlusal trauma - less confident smile

This patient is an adult male with advanced occlusal trauma caused by grinding and clenching combined with advanced dentine erosion.

uneven wear of his dentition

The tooth loss has resulted in uneven wear of his dentition with a resultant ageing, unattractive and self-conscious smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry - porcelain crowns

The smile has been restored with full porcelain crowns with a brighter appearance. This patient is now wearing an occlusal splint every night when he sleeps to protect his new crowns from his grinding habit.

confident smile

The new, more esthetic appearance of this patient’s teeth has resulted in a bigger more confident smile!

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