Smile Designs

The smile design program

Think your smile isn’t one that makes the world shine and everyone else around you happy? With Dr Pastorino’s smile design program those worries will be long gone.

A personal smile design for your situation takes into account a variety of factors with your teeth.  It includes assessing the degree of discoloration, misalignment, missing teeth, gaps, chips and other imperfections which may be preventing you from having the beautiful smile you desire. Dr Pastorino can recommend a full treatment program with options that will address your needs. Every program is custom-made for your needs and goals.  Dr Pastorino is happy to meet with you and discuss your options, address your concerns and determine what the best treatments may be to achieve your goals. With the help of Dr Pastorino you can be confident of achieving a whiter, brighter smile that you won’t be shy in hiding away from friends and in photos.

A beautiful, bright smile indicates confidence, success and friendship. Improve your personal and professional relationships; make a positive, powerful and memorable statement to those you meet – with a bright, beautiful spontaneous smile!

Smile Design