Healthy Teeth

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Many studies have been conducted to find out the relation between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Many of these studies have proven that there is a very strong link between the two.

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Dental Floss – The Hows and Whys

Many people brush their teeth on a regular basis thinking that doing so will ensure their oral health. Whilst brushing is an essential part of maintaining oral health, using dental floss is also very important as it cleans between the… Continue reading

Recipes for a Healthier Smile

Recent studies have shown that what you eat can have both a positive and negative impact on your oral health. Smile secrets can be uncovered in the kitchen with this “Recipes for a Healthier Smile” booklet featuring delicious new recipes… Continue reading

Why is it important for patients to care for their smiles?

A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A beautiful, healthy mouth leads to improved self-confidence, giving you the courage to start a conversation, smile more and be more outgoing.

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Your regular maintenance program

Dr Pastorino implements a regular maintenance program that is prescribed for each individual according to their needs. If followed it should ensure long term gum health and maintenance of your new bright health smile.

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Numbers to know for healthy teeth!

Keep these stats in mind for a healthier, brighter smile:

2 minutes: The amount of time you should spend brushing your teeth, each time you brush. It takes two minutes to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, twice!

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Four bad habits you need to break

1. Smoking

Effect: It should go without saying that smoking has a negative impact on both your physical and oral health. Among the effects it can have your smile are initiating and exacerbating decay and gum disease, yellowing teeth… Continue reading

Your child’s first dental visit

These photos at the Colonnade Dental Centre will show you and your children what to expect when they visit Dr Pastorino for their very first dental visit and their 6 month review appointments.

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