Dental Laboratory

Local dental laboratories in Perth

The Colonnade Dental Centre does not use off-shore dental laboratories or technicians. All dental laboratory work is carried out locally by 5 of the best laboratories in Perth. All materials used are certified and guaranteed to be of the best quality available.

Reconstruction of your smile, bite and broken down dentition is a team effort of close communication between Dr Pastorino, a carefully chosen Master Ceramist for the beautiful porcelain work, and Laboratory technicians – specialising in plastics, cast titanium and chrome cobalt alloys.

The quality control of laboratory work sent off shore is impossible to monitor. Often the one job can be handled by 3 to 4 different people. This introduces many possibilities for error. There is also no control over the purity of the materials claimed to being used in making the restorations.

Our Ceramist – Hans De Vries of Osborne Dental Studio

Dr Pastorino and Hans have been working together creating quality restorations for over 25 years. The laboratory construction of implant crowns, porcelain crowns and veneers are handled exclusively by Hans. No stage of the construction is given to another Ceramist. This is in contrast to larger laboratories where there is a production line approach to the construction of crowns.

“My patients have the opportunity to meet the Ceramist and discuss in detail any particular concerns they have about the anticipated outcome of their crowns, veneers or new smile. They can see where their crowns and veneers are being constructed. They can also see that the laboratory has the latest CEREC technology, CAD/CAM technology and other state of the art equipment.” – Dr Pastorino

Meeting the patient gives the Hans the opportunity to evaluate the best colour shades to use when creating the new smile so that the smile will compliment the patient’s complexion.

  1. First he takes photographs of the patient’s smile
  2. then uses a multi-systematic approach to selecting the right shade of porcelain to perfectly match the patient’s existing dentition.

This allows you to communicate your preferences for the final shape and colour of your new smile.

Hans will often attend the insertion appointment. This means the patient has both Dr Pastorino and the Ceramist critically assessing the result in your mouth. They will also discuss if the case has achieved the optimal result or whether improvements can be made prior to cementation.

Every patient receives personal attention on a one on one basis by both the Dentist and the Ceramist with close attention to each patient’s unique situation and desires.

Local laboratories for crown and implant work

Our Laboratories have been locally sourced for their expertise in the specific areas of dental prosthetics.

There is no quality control when laboratory work is sent off shore. Often the one job can be handled by 3 -4 different people. This introduces many areas of risk for error. There is also no control over the purity of the materials that are claimed to being used in making the restorations.

Here are a few of the laboratories Dr Pastorino uses, to ensure the best quality crowns and implants for her patients:

  • Owen Bunn and Associates – carries out all “plastic” work including occlusal splints, partial and full dentures
  • Standish Laboratory – constructs superb fitting chrome cobalt removable castings, very impressive implant retained bridges. Patients are encouraged to meet with the technician to discuss their esthetic and functional requirements. The technician will then meet with Dr Pastorino to discuss any technical restrictions and work on how to achieve the best outcome.
  • Dental Transformations – another excellent laboratory in West Perth. Construction of custom made implant Impression trays, custom surgical guides for implant placement , Diagnostic wax-ups, Procera Crowns, E-max crowns and inlay/onlays.
  • Prostec Laboratory – We use this laboratory exclusively for their excellent construction of state of the art Mouthguards. All mouthguards are made of different strength of material with the type of contact sport in mind. This ensures the maximum protection possible.